Sin el Fil (Beirut)

The presence of the Friars in Lebanon goes back to 1966 with the arrival of Fr. Massimiliano Chilin – followed by two other friars – for the purpose of serving in the formation of the Siro – Catholic Church’s seminarians.

After two years, the friars moved to Sin-el-Fil on the outskirts of Beirut where their small apartment soon became the Saint Anthony of Padua Friary. In 1970 they received responsibility for the Latin rite Catholic parish in the area. In 1988, in the midst of civil war, they inaugurated the current church building and friary.

Since then they have built up their ministry. Today, in addition to the parish, the friars are involved in catechesis, serving the poor, youth work and hospitality.


Fr. Felician TAMAȘ – Guardian


Fr. Massimiliano CHILIN

Fr. Jalil HADAYA

Fr. Gheorghe Vasile TAMAŞ

Fr. Nicolas ABOU ANNI


OFMConv Beirut


Couvent “Saint Antoine de Padoue”

B.P. 55079 Sin-el-Fil



Tel: 00961 1 500370